AP with WE Service

AP classes are known for stretching students academically but can leave them without a connection to applications outside of the classroom.  Students were challenged to reach beyond themselves and identify needs within their community.  Each student completed comprehensive research on their identified and then developed a plan of action.  These videos are just a small reflection of the impact their plan had even in the midst of the pandemic.

Madalyn Dye - AP Biology

When the pandemic hit Madalyn knew she would not be able to serve in the sliding scale clinic or travel to Haiti.  He project focused on healthcare disparities in underserved populations. Madalyn decide to help provide care by leading a group from JPII to sew masks for healthcare workers. 

Aracely Angel- AP English Language

Noah Wehby- AP US History

Food insecurity can be address by providing arable land for growing food. Aracely and Noah developed a method of composting food waste as a  valuable soil amendment.  While they were unable to deploy their project in Haiti they have helped educate the local community.

Anna Puryear  - AP European History

Project Preservation was developed in order to help preserve cultures over generations.  Anna recorded oral history stories of those close to her but also focused her research on the loss of Appalachian culture. 

Camille Quiampang  

In her project Camille highlighted the many controversial aspects that abortion has created throughout history. She explained the causes of its debate in America and the continuous impacts that abortion creates all over the world. Camille service project helped support mothers and their children

Simra Kazimuddin  - AP US History

Unequal distribution of resources both globally and locally can lead to other problems within society.  Simra investigated the causes and resulting problems of disparities in general but also in healthcare her outreach focused on serving at an established charity and hosting a book drive for her global initiative.

Mrs. Childress Honors Algebra 2 classes completed their Nashville themed graphing design projects this spring even during all this chaos. Congratulations to students for their amazing work!

This is a new experience for all of us but we are excited that we have been using iPads and distance learning tools for two years. On this page, you will find tutorial videos that will help you as you move to full online learning.


  • Find a place in your home that can become your classroom.  Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible. 

  • Headphones are helpful while you are working in Zoom or other online communication spaces.  If you are not speaking remember to hit the mute button. 

  • Plan to be on time for class.  Know how you will log in and practice before your first session.

  • If you have a technology issue, let your teacher know by email.  They know that there may be some challenges as we get started with online learning.  Never hesitate to contact some one to help you trouble shoot your problem. 


We are a community supporting each other as we experience a new way of engaging as a school. It is important that we maintain a honest and respectful community.  All rules around intellectual integrity and community engagement are still in place. A few reminders: 

  • All works submitted should be your own work.  You should still maintain the Veritas Pledge. Google now will run integrity reports which will compare your work to other work submitted by students. 

  • Many teachers will be using a new online testing system ExamSoft that will lock you into the testing system and can detect if you closed out the test or if a failure occurred in the system. 

DO NOT record images or videos of teachers or other students while using Zoom or other communication methods.  Any images or recording made without the consent of others will be considered a violation of school policy. 


Your schedule will be posted each week on this website and also in an email to you and your family.  Make sure that you look at Google Classroom for your class to see how you are to check into your class.  Teachers will be using Zoom to have face to face meetings and host office hours for you.  If you are unable to connect with video there is a phone number where you can call into their Zoom room. Try to be logged in and ready to go when the class is scheduled to begin.


All of your assignments and daily activities will be posted on Veracross even if they will not be graded.  Your teachers are doing this to ensure that you know exactly what you should be doing each class.  Grades will be updated and posted in Veracross so that you may keep up with your progress and seek out your teachers during office hours. 


While we hope to continue with your course work, we want to ensure that you are doing well.  Please reference the CONTACT page on this website to see who may provide you what you need.  Your teachers will be available for office hours each day from 1-3pm. You may contact them by email or through the Zoom room. Announcements and daily prayer will be posted each day on the FAITH AND COMMUNITY page.  There will also be some fun games and contests!



You have been using Google this year but may need a little help in using all of the features.  The full Google Channel on YouTube is very helpful.